What is the vipre rescue

Vipre Rescue is a program for the protection against malware, adware, viruses, rootkit, bootkit from the files/applications and in addition from the MBR (Masterboot Record).

As soon as your computer is severely affected by different types of harmful viruses, malware, adware , Vipre Antivirus is disabled and cannot eliminate or disinfect some of the files. Then vipre rescue will try to remove all or most of the viruses from the device and the Vipre Antivirus will again work normally.

Therefore, due to this reason it can be helpful to the users who are thinking of formatting the computer due to the infection from different types of viruses. It can be really efficient to have everything right back to normal plus the part that is best is the program is free and does not require top quality setup.

Using Vipre Rescue in 2019

It is very easy to download, install and run the program in the computer and you also do not need to a nerd that is geeky to restore the computer to its initial state. The most important thing is you need to stick to the directions explained below.

Note: We recommend you updating the program when you want to run it. The reason behind it is that the program is updated with virus definitions that are latest because necessary.

Head to the link: www.vipreAntivirus.com/live and download the program.

Install the program to your computer.

Copy the installation file to a removable device like USB.

Restart your computer and switch to mode that is safe.

Run the file named as “viprerescue38388.exe” after entering into the Safe Mode.

Select the location for unzipping and extract.

CMD opens with some files listed.

The red colored files displayed are free from virus after the operation.

Now, restart the computer to see if the problems are fixed.

Perform a Deep Scan if you like, update the application for change in definitions and improved disinfection.

Hope this article assisted you to recover your PC and saved theirs from losing all your documents and settings by doing an install that is fresh.