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Free VPNs for Kodi: Why One May Need Them

Why We Need VPN Services for Kodi

Best free VPN for Kodi 2020 is a widespread media player that is famous for the variety of content it presents to users. It was developed on the open-source principles that allow every programmer to change the basic code of the app in order to expand functionality. Such an approach led to the appearance of numerous add-ons that help to enjoy a world’s collection of media content, which is continuously increasing and suggesting more and more interesting data.

Nevertheless, a free principle of developing a digital product hides substantial disadvantages. One can easily create a specific add-on that will add or open new opportunities to users, but with small implications. Thus, such an extension may contain cheating elements that can transfer essential data about the Kodi user to the developer. As most people are using the Internet for multi-purposes, including different payment processes, authentication, or other vital information can be stolen.

Such kind of malware is not the only reason to use VPNs, as using Kodi creates two primary reasons for worries:

  • IP-address related danger. Even though your Kodi add-ons are from the official library, you can get into trouble. Thus, a lot of content that is available via Kodi is forbidden due to copyrights, so watching some shows or films can be compared to pirate activity. In the developed countries, the battle against restricted content came to the level of sending penalties and fine to the users that entered pirate websites.

As one can notice, the talk is not only about the vast gray area of ​​the Internet, but the primary aspect is anonymity. In this case, using a VPN allows not only create additional obstacles to the malicious extensions to steal vital info but also about hiding IP-address even from the internet provider.

  • Direct hacking. Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a specific method of information transition, which includes tunneling protocols and powerful encryption, while such info as the visited site is hidden even to the Internet provider. VPNs are transforming and coding such digital information so that no one can define who really visited a web page and from what location.

Those methods of hiding data expanded to the levels that VPN services can work with a small decrease of the provider bandwidth, while some version can be installed directly on the router to provide protection of all the connected devices simultaneously.

Best Free VPN Services for Kodi 2020

  1. Proton VPN. A reliable application from Switzerland, which presents unlimited data and good download speed. It is also free of annoying advertisements while suggests only three countries with servers in the free version.
  2. ZenMate VPN. Unlimited data is a good sign for Kodi usage, but speed limitations can harm to watch 4k content. Another drawback of the free version is limited protection, but it is still among the best costless variants.
  3. Windscribe VPN. Finally, access to 4K video, but costless traffic limitations at the level of 10Gb/month can confuse. An appropriate level of protection is also present, which makes Windscribe an excellent variant for those who are watching Kodi from time to time.
  4. VPN. 2Gb/month with 3Mb/s are making this service not the best free variant, but still suitable for limited viewing. Reliable protection is also present even though it is a costless offer.
  5. TunnelBear VPN. The only 500Mb per month may lead to confusing, but this service is a reliable one, which is more important, as we described above. Maybe, such limitations would be enough to persuade a client to buy an unlimited version.


The flexibility of every application and device should always be regarded with some portion of skepticism, and Kodi usage is a perfect example. Thus, broad possibilities and variety of content, which is facilitated with open-source programming, made this media player a popular and dangerous one at the same time. So, using even a free VPN would be the right decision, while every Internet user has to think about digital protection also if not using Kodi. The selection of a particular protection service should be based on the needs and other personal preferences.