AVG Driver Updater review

Drivers are important elements of your computer that keep it running, and to keep yourself and the drivers always in perfect condition they need to be updated on time. It is quite difficult to do this manually, so there are programs for updating drivers. AVG Driver Updater is a program that guarantees quality work for an affordable price.

Plans and Prices

AVG offers only one subscription price of $40 per year. But you can also get a free trial version, although you cannot use it to scan your system and update your drivers.

This subscription does not make sense for any companies or offices with many PCs because the subscription is only for one computer and, no matter how you look at it, paying $40 for one computer per year is not profitable when you have 20 of them. So even if you have more than one computer at home, you should think about whether you need an avast driver updater specifically.

Main Features

AVG Driver Updater is a very simple program, even for a novice user. Its main function is to scan your system for outdated drivers and detect new driver updates on the net.

Once you enter the program itself, you will find a “Details” button. By clicking on it you can see the amount of each driver which denotes the version installed on your PC and the amount of the latest driver version available on the Internet. This will make it easier for you to keep track of the latest driver versions.

Every time you update the driver the program at the same time makes a backup copy so that in case of a problem you can return the previous version. To decide where your drivers will be backed up, click on the “Settings” menu.

Interface and in use

The installation of the program runs smoothly and in a matter of seconds. The interface of AVG Driver Update is intuitive with all the features you need in a prominent place.

There are several useful options in the settings menu. Here you can decide such things as:

-Receive notification of an outdated driver or a freshly updated version by a popup

-Set your preferred language

-Turn the taskbar on or off

In the “Personal Privacy” menu you can specify the information that is sent from your computer to AVG. If you leave it as it is, all information about your use of the application can be sent to other analytics tools and can be used to provide you with updates of other AVG products and even third-party products. But we would recommend that you disable these options.

The only hitch is that when the program runs in the background it uses about 20% of the CPU, which can significantly slow down your PC.