Avast Free Antivirus Boot-Time Scan

Avast Free Antivirus Boot-Time Scan: How To Run

Avast Free Antivirus is perhaps one of the most popular antivirus solutions in the online security world at this moment. However, it is so commonly used for a good reason. This antivirus detects and gets rid of malicious programs immediately. It detects suspicious files and helps to protect your computer from hackers’ attacks.

The antivirus is full of opportunities: you can check for unwanted software throughout the whole computer or check only specific folders. One of the most interesting options is a Boot-Time Scan. Let’s take a detailed look at this incredible option.

What is Boot-Time Scan?

If you think that your computer is infected by viruses or Trojans, you are able to set up a Boot-Time Scan to begin the next time your machine starts. In this case, Avast will check your system for malicious programs and eliminate harmful programs before your workstation begin to work.

What makes Boot-Time Scan so special? Actually, it is an upper-level option created to apply when you suppose that there is a cyber threat. This scan takes time, so you should be ready to wait for a while. Moreover, Boot-Time Scan can be initiated automatically. In other words, you need to set it up manually, every time you think your system needs it.

Before starting the scan, you should determine how Avast will react to spotted malicious programs. Once you did this, you are ready to schedule and start your next deep cleaning.

How to run a Boot-Time Scan?

Even the most experienced Avast users have questions when it comes to a Boot-Time Scan. Unfortunately, not many people know how this advanced feature can be used. Therefore, we have decided to create a simple, yet comprehensive tutorial to help you to run a Boot-Time scan as smooth as possible.

  • Here is a step-by-step guide every Avast user should read.
  • First of all, you need to open your Avast Antivirus. Be sure that it isn’t outdated.
  • Choose ‘Protection,’ and then move to ‘Virus Scans.’
  • Find the Boot-Time Scan icon and click on it.
  • Select ‘Run On Next PC Reboot’ to start the examination during the next reboot.
  • Reboot your computer. You are expected to see a Boot-Time Scan interface while your operating system loads.

What will Avast Antivirus do with any suspicious files, programs, and apps? It depends on what you selected in your Avast settings. If you decide to allow Avast to deal with threats automatically, it won’t require any actions from you. However, if you don’t choose an automation mode, you will need to select what to do with threats manually.

Boot-Time Scan can take a few minutes. However, keep in mind that it depends on the performance of your computer and the amount of space to be examined. When the checkup is finished, Windows resumes loading as usual.

Bottom line

Avast Free Antivirus Boot-Time Scan allows you to scan your computer very carefully. Although you might not need to run this feature every day, you should know how and when to use it to keep your PC protected.